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Charcuterie Bowls for Every Occasion

The idea for these handcrafted serving bowls was born from my love of charcuterie and gathering with friends and family around tables of delicious food. Socializing over good food is always so special, and no matter the occasion, elevating the experience with handmade pottery is always one of my favorite parts of the experience.

I created this as a set of three nesting bowls, which can be used to serve crackers, nuts, cheese, olives, fruit, jams, dips, and anything else you might like to celebrate with. Especially when paired with a wooden cutting board, they create a stunning and elegant addition to a table and are perfect for hosts and hostesses as well as housewarming gifts, party favors, and birthday gifts for the gourmet connoisseur.

Each bowl is handmade in our studio on Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. We use a slip casting process and fine white porcelain clay to produce these high-quality and individually unique bowls. After being cleaned to a smooth brushed surface, they are fired in our kiln to 2,215°F, which makes them fully vitrified and durable for everyday use. The interior has a glossy white glaze that is easy to clean, and the exterior is a soft brushed matte finish.

The mission behind everything made at Niik Creative Co. is always to create something beautiful that will be used for every gathering, party, and holiday, and continue to be passed down for generations. Whether it be for a wedding celebration, bridal shower, birthday gift, or Sunday afternoon brunch, elegant serving ware is always a beautiful addition to any occasion.

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