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What is Intentional Living? 3 Ways to build creativity & authenticity into your life from an artist

Intentional Living is important to me as an artist,

And in this fast paced world, it's often sometimes hard to slow down enough to remember what makes us happy.

As an maker, I've slowly built a practice of showing up each day to my deeper mission and why I want to create and share in the world. This has, in turn, changed the way I show up to my work and community.

Three pathways to cultivating intentionality for a creative & authentic lifestyle:

Find something you're passionate about: At the end of the day, when you let all of the world slip away, what makes you tingle with excitement? What animates you in a conversation with a like-minded human being?

Our passions are the doorway into a more fulfilling life - once we find something that lights us up, we can build a simple practice of bringing even one sliver of that element into our lives each day.

What type of life do you really want to live?: We all have big dreams. What's your dream? How would you feel if you were living in it?

That feeling is free, in any moment. Creating space to embody that feeling, whether it be through a daily ritual or a dedicated practice, opens the doorways to actually living that new reality.

Listen: The world is full of chatter. Take time to slow down and listen to the impulse of life, to be exactly where you are.

These are the practices that fill my days in a constant conversation with creativity and my authentic expression in the world. I'd love to hear if they resonate with you, or if you have your own practices you'd like to share.

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