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Niik Creative Co.

The mission behind Niik Creative Co. is to create handcrafted, artisanal wares that inspire a deeper connection to nature and cultivate meaningful moments in everyday life. I believe that how we approach each moment has a profound impact on our wellbeing, and that through intentionality, we can create a thriving way of life. 

My work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and which is reflected in the process, design, and intentions behind each piece. Clay is an inherently earthen medium that requires presence and patience from the maker. 

Through the commitment to artisanal techniques and materials, I strive to create work that is not only beautiful, but also functional and sustainable. 

I am also dedicated to fostering a sense of community and connection, both within the studio and through the pieces that we create, and we believe that our ceramics can be a catalyst for moments of joy, reflection, and connection.

At Niik, we are inspired by the rhythms of nature and the power of human creativity, and we believe that our ceramics can help to bring these elements into our daily lives. We are committed to building a lifestyle brand that reflects our values of beauty, authenticity, and sustainability, and to creating a space where individuals can connect with nature, each other, and themselves.

About the Artist

nikkah september-45.jpg

My name is Niikah, and I am the founder of Niik Creative Co. I fell in love with the arts at a young age, and have been focused on cultivating a creative way of life ever since. 

I knew I wanted to carve my own path in life, and slowly that began to take shape as I followed my love for clay and ceramics to the birth of Niik Creative Co. in 2020. A graduate of Northern Michigan University's School of Art & Design, I'd had a passion for creating work that was both functional and beautiful, and that also fed into a deeper way of living. 

There is so much more to each piece I create than just the object - it is also an inquiry into how we relate with the objects in our everyday lives and how through intention and ritual cultivate a more meaningful experience. It is my dream that we can move beyond mass consumerism and bring awareness back to small artists & artisans, local communities, and conscious ways of living that honor ourselves, each other, and nature.

Beyond my work in ceramics, I am also a somatic-based coach, musician, and outdoor adventurer. I'm passionate about empowering ourselves from within, nurturing our dreams, and changing the world, one step at a time. 

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