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Niikah Hatfield Artist Owner Niik Creative Co.



Hello! My name is Niikah, and I am the founder of Niik Creative Co. I fell in love with the arts from a young age and, well...haven't been able to look back. 

The dream of owning my own business built around the core values of authentic, natural, and creative living began to take shape during the summer of 2020. I had just graduated from the Ceramics program at the Northern Michigan University School of Art & Design, and was wondering how I was going to integrate all of my passions into a new way of life as I stepped into my path of adulthood. While I didn't have a clear idea of where I was going, I knew that being a creator was in my bones so I slowly started developing the mission behind Niik.

And then one Sunday morning, while buying a small kiln in a garage in the backstreets of Negaunee, I was offered the chance of a lifetime. The Studio Gallery, which I now call home, needed a new owner. Michele Dupras, the founder of internationally recognized brand Revisions Design Studio, was making moves to follow her dreams of remodeling and selling real estate. She wanted her business to go on to someone young and ambitious, and, could I pass up the opportunity to do what I love for a living, all on the shores of Lake Superior?

I know that this is just the beginning, something that humbly started five years ago when I sat down at a pottery wheel and threw unkeepable pots for weeks. There's something about clay that intrigues me, the processes, the colors and textures and possibilities. I love making things that bring joy to people's lives.

Thank you for sharing an interest in my work and watching this journey unfold. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Our perspective and outlook on life starts with the world around us, so why not be surrounded by beautiful and conscious things? The mission behind Niik Creative Co. is to bring quality and authenticity into the world, one piece at a time.


Starting from the finest materials, each piece of work is lovingly handmade with the intention to bring the purity of conscious living into life. I believe in celebrating the little things in life, like drinking a cup of tea or admiring a plant friend, and strive to provide pieces that bring a little sliver of joy to your day.

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