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It All Begins with a Single Step - Studio Video by Sam Williams MQT

Every journey begins with a single step.

This video about my journey and vision as an artist is a collaboration with Sam Williams (@samwilliamsmqt), who filmed and produced the piece at our lakeside studio and my family's farm, Seeds & Spores.

Oftentimes we don't expect where we end up, and that's definitely the case with this film. So may times throughout the production process I had to pinch myself, both to be captured through the lens and also to witness my own journey from an outside perspective.

All I can really say is that every path of following our dreams is an ever-unfolding process, but that each step along the way is what makes up the beautiful picture of the whole.

I'm truly grateful for the experience of getting to share a deeper side of my story, and working with Sam was a dream.

Thank you for watching!

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