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The Modern ceramic wall planter is handmade from white porcelain and is a beautiful addition to wall decor for any home design. Handmade in our studio in Marquette, Michigan, the planter has a soft organic shape and a beautiful matte white finish.


The planter hangs from two holes on the back of the wall box, and is big enough to hold most standard quart sized plants and looks great with either trailing vines or upright varieties. The surface is soft-matte porcelain that is creamy white. 


8'' tall x 7.25" wide

Opening measures 7'' x 7.5'' x 4.75''


Planters can be potted directly with potting soil or used to hold a standard plastic pot. The porcelain is completely watertight and will not leak. If the planter gets dirty, the surface is easily cleanable with soapy water and a sponge and can be lightly sanded if needed.


Niik Creative Co. is a small, women-run ceramic studio in Marquette, Michigan. Our mission is to bring you elegant, handcrafted home goods that inspire presence and awareness in your everyday life. Each piece is lovingly handmade on the shores of Lake Superior using natural, high-quality materials and biodegradable packaging. We are dedicated to creating work that exists at the heart of conscious and holistic living, and are also focused on building a sustainable work environment and lasting, supportive connections with everyone involved in the studio.


Photo Credit: Madelyn Rose Photography