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Enjoy an elevated cup of espresso in these delicate, handmade cups. Made from fine white porcelain, these vessels are finished with a handpainted authentic gold design. 


The Gold River Collection is inspired by the Japanese tradition of kintsugi. This is the art form of highlighting the cracks in broken ceramic by repairing them with gold, making the broken piece more valued than the original perfect one. This art form is part of the Wabi Sabi tradition, which is an aesthetic philosophy that highlights natural imperfections as a part of the beauty of the world and spaces around us.


Simple, clean, and with an elegant modern flair, these pieces are perfect for wedding gifts, holiday family gatherings, and other special occasions. The luster is fired onto a glossy clear glaze.


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Eating from serving ware that is made by hand brings another level of awareness and intentionality to the dining experience, and creating pieces that are a part of meaningful moments and connection are important part of the mission here at Niik Creative Co.


Care Instructions: Fully food-safe, we recommend h