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Meet Featured Artist Kelly Jaeger: Handcrafted Leather Goods from Aura Design Co. at Niik Creative

In addition to our handcrafted ceramics, Niik Creative Co. features a collection of local artisans and crafters who specialize in other mediums. Our mission is to bring together a unique selection of well-crafted home goods for a natural and authentic lifestyle.

Meet Kelly, owner of Aura Design Co.:

Hi! I am Kelly Jaeger, the owner of Aura Design Co. I create & design all of our leather goods at our studio & storefront, Aura & Ruth Handmade in L’Anse, MI.

I have always loved making things and always had a love for handbags. When I took a zipper pouch workshop four years ago and realized I could make my own bags, well I was hooked. From there it has evolved, I started working with leather about two years ago. I love working with leather. All the leather I use is vegetable tanned, meaning vegetable matter is used to dye the leather rather than chemicals. My favorite part is the design process. I love coming up with new designs and trying out new techniques.

You can find me on Instagram/Facebook at @auradesignco_ and @aura.ruth.handmade.

Or come checkout our new shop, Aura & Ruth Handmade at 15 S. Main St. in L’Anse, MI!


You can find a selection of Kelly's bags, wallets, coasters, & earrings in our shop on Presque Isle!!

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