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Handcrafted & Designed Porcelain Pendant Lights to Accent your Modern Home

Lighting is such an impactful part to the design of any room and lends to the atmosphere and overall feel of a space. Whether it be a statement piece in the middle of a dining room or kitchen, or more subtle accents in a hallway or bathroom, a well-placed light fixture compliments the decor around it and brings a space together.

I discovered my curiosity for the play between light and ceramics while in my undergrad at Northern Michigan University. Working on a class project, I realized that porcelain, when fired in thin sheets, had a translucent quality to it that overtook my imagination.

Nearly five years later, I am now handcrafting pendant lighting as part of Niik Creative Co. Some of the designs are part of the original Revisions Design Studio collection, like the Sophia Pendant which has been featured in the Martha Stewart Magazine. Newer pieces play between the classical and elegant style of the Sophia light and a more modern vintage feel.

Using high-quality materials is a mainstay to my work, and each piece is slip-cast by hand in the studio on Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. The lights are then individually cleaned, fired, and sanded, before being wired with antique twisted cording and high-quality brass and Nickle hardware. The final result is a stunning pendant light, sold with a matching canopy for easy installation.

The unique nature of these designs blend into a variety of home and work spaces. The fine quality porcelain is a soft white matte when finished, which is simple and elegant to the eye. The true magic happens when the light is turned on, and the designs emanate a soft, warm glow.

When you're designing your home, you want it to reflect who you are and how you live your life. Lighting fixtures are a beautiful way to make a statement within any space, and at the Studio we strive t

o create a pendant that you'll fall in love with for years to come.

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